Our range includes different types of bags such as  PP Woven Bag, Cotton Bag, Jute Bag etc...

About Us

When it comes to choosing a bag, people check its quality and its features which should suit the factors of its usage. To obtain high quality bags, customers look for the most reliable suppliers who are known in the market for their offerings. We, Shivraj Trader are one of those traders and suppliers providing Jute Bag, Paper Bags, HDPE Paper Coated Bag, HDPE Laminated Paper Bag etc. Since our establishment in the year 1900, we are serving our customers with all our efforts to satisfy them. We believe, that offering high quality products does not only please the customers, but dedication and efforts also. After we get an order, our aim is to process it in the best way possible and in less time. We are the best supplying partners and help our customers to grow their business. Our understanding and knowledge about the usage of our range of bags have helped us in obtaining and offering a matchless range of bags. By creating an image of a reliable supplier, we have impressed huge number of customers who trust us and are satisfied only by our range of bags. They themselves have observed the efficiency of our range and the efforts we put to make them happy.

How We Process Clients' Orders?

When we receive an order from a customer, it is our duty to look after each process vigilantly till the consignment reaches them. One of the reasons of our efficiency in the business is our way of processing customers' order. Following are the different steps which are followed:

  • Once the order is received, the required bags from the vendors are picked up. These bags are 100% tested.
  • Then the inspection team observe by making a checklist. In this list the types of bags and optimum order amount is marked.
  • Later the assortment is sent to the consignment packaging team, who pack the bags so they can reach safely to the clients.
  • And at last our delivery team ships the consignment through suitable means of transport according to the distance.

Quality Assurance

As we are an experienced company of the industry, so the expectations of the customers are higher when they contact us. We believe that it is our duty to serve the patrons with the best items as they trusted us. To be sure about the obtained assortment of bags, we conduct several tests which are done on various parameters. Only after we are satisfied about the assortment, then we deliver them to our customers. 

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